Monday, August 29, 2011

Bhagawan's Thought for The day - 23rd Aug 2011

Tree of Love

Only when you put into practice the love in which you have faith, love will grow. Since you do not practice what you profess, your faith gets weakened. A plant will grow only when it is watered regularly. When you have planted the seed of love, you can make it grow only by watering it with love every day. The tree of love will grow and yield the fruits of love. Many today do not perform those noble deeds that will promote love. When you wish to develop love for the Lord, you must continuously practice loving devotion to the Lord.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letters to Bhagawan..........Message from Sri sathya Sai Central Trust

When our beloved Bhagawan in His beautiful physical form was moving admist us, He used to always lovingly accept our prayers, anxieties and joys submitted to Him through our letters. It is not as if the omnipresent and the omniscient lord was not aware of our pains and pleasures, He bestowed on us this opportunity so that we feel satisfied and fulfilled. Not only this, He also wanted to bless us with the priceless chance of a physical interaction – a glance, a touch, a smile – with Him.
For Sai devotees everywhere, it has been a joyous tradition to offer the first invitations of auspicious occasions like weddings, housewarming ceremonies and so on to Bhagawan. When Swami accepted these invitations and letters with a loving word, a caring glance or a precious padanamaskar – the moment was simply ecstatic. Reliving those moments today touches the core of our beings unimaginably.
Even now when devotees have His darshan at the Maha Samadhi they pine for that precious privilege of offering their prayers and flowers at His lotus feet.
In response to this request, currently there are three distinct trays placed in front of Bhagawan’s Maha Samadhi one each for placing their letters, flowers and invitations. Those who wish to take them back after placing them on the Maha Samadhi will also be permitted to do so.
If you are offering an invitation and would like to receive Bhagavan's Prasadam, please enclose a self-addressed envelope.
Please offer only flowers, not garlands.
We hope this new service will gladden the hearts of the devotees.
Published Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 11:35 hrs.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bhagawan's Thought for the day - 12th Aug 2011

Do not get attached to this evanescent body; instead, utilise it as an implement. Consider yourself as separate from the perishable body that was created out of the conjunction of the five elements. Know yourself as the indestructible Atma. Just as the house in which you dwell is separate from you, so too, the body in which you dwell for a little while is separate from you. The body is the root cause of all grief. Make it obey your will; never bow down to it and follow its whims. Keep it under strict control. It should be used as a boat to cross the stream of life. In other words, until the Ultimate Truth is attained, you must take care of your body to see that it does not get damaged. Take moderate food of Sathwic (pure) quality at the correct time, and continue with the disciplined physical activities for the body.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baghawan's Thought for the day --2nd August 2011

You must cultivate the quality of always being joyful, with a smile on your face; this will give you good distinction. People will also like you more. The Lord too will have joy upon seeing you. Therefore, observe your spiritual practices with innocence, purity, and humility. Then, without fail, you can attain whatever you strive for. Do not lose your temper in any situation; do not lose courage in any contingency. Respect everyone, whatever be his or her status. Then the quality of Prema (universal love) will develop in you. As a result, your spiritual practices will progress without any disturbance.


Please check "Prasanthi Prasadam" page for more details on this: