Monday, February 21, 2011

Bhagawan's Thought for the day - 22nd Feb 2011

As a spiritual aspirant (Sadhaka), you must first learn the secret of the ‘inward vision’, and take your attention away from the exterior. You have heard so far little about the inner world, but divine life is nothing but this method of ‘inward living’. Just as the baby, after learning to watch and understand, tries to toddle hither and thither at home, so also the spiritual aspirant learns to toddle in the inner world and understand it. A healthy baby in the cradle waves its arms and legs in glee, watching the lamp on the wall and lisps in joy; the Sadhaka also healthy in body, mind and soul, lying in the cradle of life, watches the Inner world and claps his hands ceaselessly in great glee at that inner joy.

-Dhyana Vahini, Chap 3, "The Goal of Meditation"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bhagawan's Thought for the day - 7th Feb 2011

Life is either pleasant or unpleasant depending upon your basic attitude towards it; just as how the same object could give you pleasure on one occasion and not on another. What is welcomed with great fondness at one time becomes distasteful at another time without even the desire to see it. The condition of the mind at those times is the cause of this state. Therefore, it is necessary to train the mind to be always serene.    

- Dhyana Vahini, Chap 4, The Goal of Meditation.      

Friday, February 4, 2011

அன்பின் பொறி

அன்பின் பொறி தன்னிடம் இல்லாத எந்த உயிரும் வாழவில்லை.  பித்தன் கூட ஏதோ ஒன்றையோ யாரோ ஒருவரையோ தீவிரமாக நேசிக்கிறான். இந்த அன்பு உனது உண்மைத்தன்மை நிலையான பிரேமஸ்வரூபனின் (அன்பின் வடிவத்தை ), உனக்குள் குடி கொண்டிருக்கும் இறைவனின் பிரதிபலிப்பே அன்றி வேறல்ல என்று நீ கண்டு கொள்ள வேண்டும். உனது இதயத்தில் கொப்பளிக்கின்ற அன்பின் ஊற்று இல்லாமல் உனக்கு நேசிக்க வேண்டும் என்ற உந்துதலே இருக்காது. அந்த ஊற்றினை கண்டுகொள். மேலும் மேலும் அதனையே சார்ந்து இரு. அதன் சாத்தியக்கூறினை வளர்த்துக்கொள். உலகம் முழுவதும் அதைக்கொண்டு பாசனம் செய். சுய நலத்தின் தொடுகை எதுவாயினும் அதனை துறந்துவிடு. யாருக்கு நீ பயன் தருகிறாயோ அவரிடமிருந்து பிரதியாக எதனையுமே எதிர்பார்த்து நாடி நிற்காதே. 
- ஸ்ரீ சத்ய சாயி  
Page 61, Chapter 8- சாலைகள் பல 
பகவான் ஸ்ரீ சத்ய சாயி பாபாவின் அருளமுதம் - Volume 1

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bhagawan's Thought for the day - 3rd Feb 2011

A person bound by objective desires will try in various ways to fulfill them. He will be a slave to his senses and their pursuits. But if one withdraws the senses from the world and gains control over their master, the mind, and engages that mind in thapas (penance), then one can establish Swaarajya or Self-mastery - independence over oneself. Bondage means to allow the senses to attach themselves to objects. When the mind that flows through the senses towards the outer world is turned inwards and is made to contemplate on theAtma, it attains Liberation or Moksha.
- Bhagavatha Vahini, Chap 31.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bhagawan's Thought for the day - 2nd Feb 2011


Once you have learnt to ride a motorcycle, you can ride on any road and under all conditions. But when you are just learning to ride, for your own safety as well as for the safety of those around you, you have to select an open ground and must follow certain principles of balance; this is essential. So too, those who engage in the practice of meditation and sadhana(spiritual exercises) have to follow a certain course of training. No change should be made in this routine.  Until the goal of meditation or your spiritual practice is achieved, the well-established discipline of sitting postures (asanas) or the practices you follow must be adhered to. After attainment of the goal, that is, after the mind (manas) and the intellect (buddhi) have been conquered and brought under control you can be immersed in meditation wherever you find yourself - in a chair, on a rock, or in a car!
- Dhyana Vahini, Chap 2, Chanting God's Name and Meditation.