Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baghwan's Thought for the day - Know Yourselves......

Symbol of Atma - Courtesy:

You are pure and indestructible; you are beyond the ups and downs of life; you are the true, the eternal, the unchanging Brahmam (Divine Self). A mere five-minute inquiry will convince you that you are not the body, the senses, the mind or the intelligence, the name or the form; but that you are the Aatma Itself - the same Aatma that appears as all this variety. Once you get a glimpse of this truth, hold on to it; do not allow it to slip. Make it your permanent possession. Look upon all with love, respect and faith in their sincerity. Treat your servants kindly. Do not entertain hatred or contempt in your heart. Repent for the errors that you commit and decide never to repeat them; pray for strength to carry out your resolutions. Do not find fault with others. Purify your heart by being good to all.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It is the ego that makes one feel glad or sad

The more riches you accumulate the more bound you become and get into more worry, anxiety and fear. There can be no peace of mind for a person burdened by riches. People ignorantly seek this restlessness (ashaanthi) as they do not know where to acquire true peace (Shanthi). An educated person must have the virtue of Shanthi as the first qualification. This implies, not being affected by praise or blame, failure or success. It is the ego that makes one feel glad or sad. Therefore control the ego by extending love to every living being. Ego is lovelessness. A person afflicted with ego cannot rejoice when others are happy, and feel pained when others are miserable. Only a selfless and egoless person can share the happiness of others and take positive steps to alleviate others’ misery. God will ever be on the side of selfless persons and there is nothing that they cannot achieve.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thought for the day...

The whole world is intimately associated with the Sun God. He is the visible manifestation of the Lord. In India, Sun God (Surya) is considered highly sacred and granted the unique status of a great Guru.
Sun is also the source of time. The Sun limits and regulates the number of years each one lives. He performs His duty without thought of reward, and is humble and steady. Imagine the patience with which the
Sun puts up with all that extreme heat, and gives sufficient warmth to the human body, every single day.Human beings are so full of activity and intelligence on account of the solar energy that is imbibed.
If the Sun is idle even for a moment, the whole world will go cold and dark. The actions of the great is the ideal that the rest have to keep in view. This also shows that all in the world are bound by theobligation of karma (activity) .

- Geeta Vahini, Ch 6.