Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bhagawan's Thought for the day - Meditation

Meditation must be followed rigorously. In fact Dhyana (Meditation) also means discipline and, regularity and steadiness are the essential tools for it. Lord Krishna assured, “When you start fixing your thoughts on Me, all thoughts that agitate you will be stilled through My grace.” Meditation is a first class cure for the illness of worldly existence (bhava-roga). But along with it, also take the medicine of contentment. Just as a traveller who has trudged along for miles in the scorching sun feels refreshed when taking bath in the waters of a cool and shady lake, so too the unfortunate individual struggling in the scorching heat of desires, feels happy and relieved when bathing in the lake of contentment. Meditate regularly and practice contentment in your mind; anyone who follows this rigorously will achieve quick results.

-Dhyana Vahini, Ch 14: “Remove defects in character”.