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Devotee Speaks…(1)

On 10th January 2011 evening ,  our Samithi members were fortunate to have  Sri. V.Sairam Yachendra  with them, who shared  his experiences with great devotees  who enjoyed with devotion the close proximity to Bhagawan.

This speech was more like paying homage to the great devotees of Swami rather than recollecting the past events.

1. Father of Speaker

Sri V.Gopalakrishna Yachendra, beloved father of Sri. V.Sairam Yachendra was an ardent devotee of Swami and had the fortune of being close to Him.

The following events narrate how affectionate Swamiji was to his father.
One day father received a telegram from Swami asking him to ‘start immediately’. Father rushed with great anxiety and much to his relief, came to know that Swami wanted an oil massage from his close friend and took liberty in calling him and sending him afterwards saying that “the work is over and you may go back..”

On another occasion, father was summoned again by Swami to have a chit chat. So, this way father of the speaker was enjoying the closeness to Swami and got lot of opportunities to serve the Bhagawan.

2. Sri. B V Raman and B. V.Lakshmanan
The twins born in February 1921, entered the music career late in their 17th year. The brothers were not hailing from a musical lineage by birth. The brothers specialised in presenting thematic concerts and rare kritis in an innovative way. BVR continued to teach music till he passed away in the year 2006. 
In l944-48 the classical musicians were spending prolonged periods of time playing music together with Sai Baba.  Sai Baba had plenty of opportunity to learn classical Indian music from Laskshmanan and Raman, used to acknowledge that also in many forums.

Sri.B V Raman enjoyed the closeness of Bhagawan as Bhagawan used to sit with Raman and sing while Sethu Rama Iyer used to play violin. Sri B V Raman wrote 37 songs about Sai Baba in Carnatic music. The popular Arti Bajan “Om Jai Jagadeesa Hare..” was written by none other than Sri. B V Raman, at the request of Bhagawan.

3. Sri B V Raja Reddy

Sri B V Raja Reddy  (student of Layola College Chennai) is another great devotee of Baba. He had a great opportunity of spending  nearly 20 years with Bhagawan and blessed by  doing services like maintaining garden, driving the car for Swami and representing Swami in marriages etc. In this process of his proximity to Bhagawan,  he got lot of spiritual and mystic experiences. Once,  Bala Krishna appeared before Raja Reddy in ecstasy.

It was another mystic event in Somanath temple that, when the crowd was not paving way to Bhagawan,  Raja Reddy was holding the hands of Bhagawan and the next second reached inside the car.

Baba was  so kind and close to Raja Reddy that He always used to call him as “my Raja”  and when Reddy passed away, it was  Bhagawan who wept more than the wife of Raja Reddy. Bhagawan used to tell that Raja remains for ever on the right side of Bhagawan's chest,  where exactly the ‘spiritual heart’ resides.

The Speaker then recollected with reverence about other great devotees like  Thirumalachar who wrote Suprabadam for Swami and Rama Sarma who wrote Burra katha which was adopted by Swami.

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